Client Commitment

  • We will utilize our resources to bring you the most affordable and effective coverage based on your needs, risks & financial goals.
  • We will strive to give effective analysis of current market conditions & provide prompt response to consumer inquiry concerning their policies.

Broker Connectivity

  • We utilize our knowledge of technology to lower the cost of education for the consumer & administration to the carrier.
  • As a client you leverage our knowledge during your enrollment to provide assurance in your policy decisions during enrollment.  As your broker we will be available to provide integrity in policy origination & servicing.
  • Our tech services enable us to respond to diverse employer working conditions by offering the most flexible enrollment & education solutions.

Your Broker Voice

  • We are committed to speaking on behalf of your interest to help in making health insurance better for you our client.
  • We have and will continue to advocate and encourage our clients to connect with us so they stay informed of industry changes and can get involved in making a difference when we need to speak out on issues affecting our industry.
  • Your support enables us to educate, enroll & continue to grow.  We have a commitment to echo that appreciation in our service to you.  If you are not already a client, Get connected with us today and allow us the opportunity to show our gratitude with service.

Our Producer: Micah Kidd

-Service Oriented, Value Driven-

We want to help get you coverage that you can understand and afford.  We aim to work with diverse needs and desires to provide the best options for all.


In our business it is good to work with a broker who is proven to get results.  When navigating insurance marketplaces things can get delayed or lost due to minor nuances.  We have a record of being thorough and ensuring our clients policies are issued as they are written.

-Client Commitment-

We are committed to your understanding, servicing and utilization of your policies.  We believe that with greater understanding more people will access care, maximize their benefits and insure the risks that are of greatest concern.

-Marketplace/Exchange Experience-

We are working to provide workshops and walk through videos on a constant basis to assist in helping clients seeking marketplace assistance.  Our experience in dealing with marketplace concerns and changing software gives us the ability to provide you the most efficient means of addressing issues and lowering enrollment time.

-Socially Connected-

Our company and staff wish to connect with you to keep you up to date.  Our site has been designed to keep the most up to date social media from our partners.  We encourage you to connect with us on social media so you can help others get covered.


We are committed to providing insurance outreach during Open Enrollment and support for anyone needing a Special Enrollment Period.  Be sure to check our broker connection to sync up with any of our Online Health Broker events.

About Us

#Your Virtual Health Broker

We can connect to you from the comfort of your computer  or mobile device enabling us the ability to give you 

"In person quality with online capability."

Quality Broker Representation

As your broker we have the ability to voice your concerns as a client.  We are known for our capability to ease the burden of insurance and save you time and energy dealing with marketplaces and carriers.

Experience Makes the Difference

Our brokers have worked with both state and private exchanges to bring you the best in industry practices and education. We couple that with technology to take the guesswork out of insurance and get you covered.

Our: Senior Insurance Broker ~Micah Kidd~

NPN: 15747884