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Online Health Broker is proud to be a Preferred Broker on the DC Health Link Platform.  Please review our walk through videos listed below and get connected before your appointment to help save you time in getting covered.

Enrolling on DC Health Link

Establish Your Account / Connect with Online Health Broker

After establishing your DC Health Link account you can connect to us and we can assist you remotely from the convenience of your home.

Complete Your Eligibility

DC Health Link will verify who you are by asking a few simple questions about who you are for identity verification and to identify family size and income.  

Plan Selection / Enrollment

Online Health Broker is available to assist once connected on DC Health Link for all of your policy related concerns.  Once we have completed your eligibility we can ensure that your policy will be issued as you request.

Establishing Your DC Health Link Individual / Family Account

Setting up your DC Health Link Account

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DC HEALTH LINK Online Assitance Available

DC Health Link Broker Assignment

Online Health Broker can assist you on DC Health Link from the convenience of your home.  We are able to issue, service and enroll on DC Healthlink for individual / family as well as group business.  Our DC Health Link enrollment services are free of charge to the policyholder and we are known for our integrity and efficiency.  Get connected with online health broker and try our services risk-free.


Get assistance online with Online Health Broker.   This video covers completing your eligibility on DC Health Link.  Completing your eligibility will greatly decrease enrollment time with Online Health Broker and also keeps your information secure.  Check out our video and get connected with Online Health Broker on DC Health Link today.

Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

Online Health Broker is here to assist as things change.  After your initial enrollment we can assist in processing your Life Status Change with ease.  Connect with Online Health Broker and let us do the heavy lifting on DC Health Link for you.

Special Circumstance / Trouble Cases

Online Health Broker is available to assist with any specialcircumstances and trouble cases on DC Health Link.  Get connected with Online Health Broker today and allow us to helo you with your DC Health Link Enrollment.

Reserve your Online Enrollment For DC Health Link

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