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When you connect to Online Health Broker you take the first step towards an efficient enrollment for your insurance needs.  Our brokers are trained to handle the nuances of the public and private exchanges and have organized our site to enhance the enrollment and servicing of our clients policies.  We believe that with your support this season we can help to bring more stability and affordability to our healthcare industry.

Scheduled Consultation Time

Given our capabilities we are able to give you an in person feel with our online consultations.  We can assist you with policy decisions and simply help you gain time back in your day by providing you assistance from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.  After connecting with us as your broker representative we can provide you custom options based on your specific needs.  Get connected schedule your consultation and don't forget to bring your questions!

Quality Service Commitment

Our broker services are tailored to bring you both value and convenience.  Our Open Enrollment Services for both on and off exchange consultations are free for 2018.  We understand that we can assist you with all points of your policy on & off the exchange and we would like the opportunity to service your policy with care this season.  Subscribe below, try our services and let us show you why you will recommend us!

DC Health Link Individual/Family

  • Simple Connectivity
  • Subsidy Check & Eligibility Determinations
  • Easy Enrollment Services
  • Quality Servicing
  • Hassle Free Processing

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DC Health Link Individual / Family Services

DC Health Link Group Services

  • Account Set-up
  • Employee Upload
  • Benefit Selection
  • Open Enrollment
  • Employee Education
  • Employer Deadlines

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DC Health Link Group Services

Start your consultation with Online Health Broker and expand your benefit offering while lowering the workload today!

MD Health Connection Individual/Family Services

  • Simple two part connectivity
  • Easy eligibility processing
  • Convenient enrollment
  • You're Secure with Online Health Broker

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MD Health Connection Ind / Fam Services

MD Health Connection Group Services

Group Administrator Support

 We are specialists in navigating the exchange and offering our clients premium support when it comes to processing enrollments and changes for your business.  Try our services and find out if our HR Management Software may be able to assist you and your team in optimizing your benefit offering. 

Virtual Enrollment Assistance

 Our brokers and supporting staff are trained to provide you assistance at any point in your enrollment experience.  We are here to provide you the comfort of quality and the availability of our resources.  Try our enrollment services and provide greater enrollment flexibility for your company. 

Client Servicing Commitment

 Online Health Broker is committed to providing our clients support from end to end.  Our goal is to take the stress out of benefits and provide you more tools and a stronger employee benefit offering.  Leverage our service for your company and see what we can save your bottom line today. 

MD Health Connection Group Services

Online Health Broker is currently offering consultations for Small Business & Large Group. We are available to provide tools and strategies to ease the burden of benefits while giving employees quality coverage. Ind. / Family Services

Get Connected

Our brokers are trained to provide you a swift path through  Connecting with a broker can provide you a secondary reference and policy advocate in the event anything happens.  Online Health Broker is available to help individual / family clients on for the 2018 Open Enrollment Season.  Get connected and ensure your coverage for 2018.


Once you have been connected to Online Health Broker on we will be able to assist you should any concern arise in verifying your status and eligibility determination.  Enroll with Online Health Broker and acquire your coverage with confidence this year.

Enrollment & Servicing.

Our brokers are equipped with the tools to be there for your enrollment and guide you through difficulty every step of the way.  Online Health Broker has a quality commitment for everyone seeking care.  We will do our best, given the demand to provide each client our best in class service.  Subscribe & schedule your appointment today and take care avoid any delays. / FFM Individual Family Services / FFM Group Services

Group Admin Services

Online Health Broker is available to assist Business Owners, HR Specialists, Payroll & Benefit Administrators in navigating the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) website.  Our services include access to a broker portal that can make your exchange experience hands free.  Work with Online Health Broker this enrollment season and lets see if we can help you get connected with your options through the exchange.

Client Connectivity

Our brokers and support staff will be available during Open Enrollment for your company to assist your employees in enrolling for their benefits.  We specialize in providing options to give your employees flexibility.  Try our services and see if our HR Management Software can help your company save time this enrollment season.

On-going Servicing and Support

Online Health Broker is here to provide your company support through changes in structure, benefits and employee support.  Subscribe to our services and see for yourself how we can help you provide greater options for your employees. Group Services

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"Take the Headache out of Healthcare!!!"

Greetings Everyone, from all of us at Online Health Broker

We are excited to offer our services to you and welcome you to try our guarantee.  By working with Online Health Broker you are insuring that your policy is handled by a state licensed, exchange certified insurance broker. We are authorized to assist with all aspects of your policy issuance and servicing from A-Z.  In short we can help you issue your policy faster and handle your concerns with less complication when it can involve any aspect of Health Insurance. 


It is our goal to provide you a quality user experience during your open enrollment consultation this year.  By subscribing to our services you can send you detailed walk throughs to get you connected to our services on your exchange so we can do the heavy lifting for you. We are here to answer all of your insurance related questions so subscribe to get connected for a more secure enrollment this year and skip the line and save time.

Producer Mission

  • We understand that no matter whether health insurance is simple or complicated for you, we can help make your experience this year more enjoyable simply through our commitment to client servicing.  
  • We have provided a number of tools that we have available connect to us & get access to the care you need.  
  • Schedule a consultation here at your leisure and get a custom enrollment experience tailored to your needs. 
  •  If you need assistance with more than what we have listed don't worry, request a custom quote and  we will be in touch in less than 24 hours.
  • As a broker we have the ability to speak to intermediaries on behalf of our clients needs.  Your connection with us enables your policy to have an advocate that will speak to the industry on your behalf.  
  • Our commitment goes beyond our servicing to consider your concerns and financial goals in our approach to insurance.  We seek to provide you a thorough understanding of your policy and a risk based financially centered approach to your coverage and connectivity.  

Online Health Broker is also available on social media and we encourage our clients to stay connected and refer our services to all who we may be of assistance.

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Custom Quoting Available for your needs.

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Subscribe to our services and we can offer your consultation for any of your on or off exchange concerns free of charge for Open Enrollment 2018.  Get connected today and skip the line.  If you have concerns or get hung up during the process.  Don't worry, connect with us and let us do the heavy lifting risk free.  Try our services this year and experience our client service guarantee.

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Online Health Broker will attempt to respond to all client inquiry within 24 hours.  Please keep in mind that due to demand we may respond within 48 hours.  We recommend scheduling appointments so we can effectively service your concerns online or attending one of our in person events.  If you would like to request broker presence for enrollment or participation in enrollment events in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area. Send us a message and we will be sure to get you covered this season.

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Keep up with Online Health Broker in person or schedule your own personalized consultation by subscribing or messaging us today.   Get connected and see how we can make your insurance enrollment experience better.

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