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Client Commitment

  At Online Health Broker we have a quality commitment to providing the best consultation to both individuals and institutions.  Primarily, we aim to be your one stop shop for everything health insurance related. Whether you are an experienced benefits administrator or you are acquiring your first health insurance policy we are here to help you find the best policy for your needs.     

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Exchange Authorized Broker

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Exchange Intermediary

As your preferred broker we are able to assist you in issuing your policy with the greatest of efficiency and confidence.  We have a history of handling exchange business and providing thorough support.  Our exchange services are free to our clients and we look forward to providing you stress free exchange administration.

Client Service

It is our primary focus to represent the client to the carrier.  It is our commitment to provide excellence in education, enrollment and servicing for all of our  clientele.  Our consultative services are of no cost and will not raise your premium. Our services are paid for by your carrier. We place a high value on servicing to help our clients make the best healthcare decisions .  

Access to Variety

Having access to a broker gives you the ability to quote multiple products and insure your interests from a holistic perspective.  We are trained to provide you the best solutions across all product lines and coverage options within a fiduciary capacity.  Our finance driven consultative approach can give you the flexibility you need when it comes to maximizing your healthcare options.

Streamlined Service

Online Health Broker is equipped to provide scheduled & on demand support.  Most of our services can be provided online from the comfort of your home or business.  We aim to provide custom service and accessibility based on our clients needs and financial goals.

Cost Savings

Working with a broker saves you both time and money.  We will work hard to aggregate the best solutions based on your needs and bottom line.  By speaking with a certified expert you can get the best advice for your selection and feel confident that you have an advocate to go over your coverage options on demand without having to wait.

Insurance Education

We seek to provide all of our clients with the best in industry standards and service.  Whether it is a group or individual enrollment, we will provide up to date issuance and servicing.  Our team has been working in insurance both before and after the A.C.A. took place and we strive to provide enhanced "stress-free" services and education both on and off the exchange.

Exchange Enrollment Consultation Services

DC Health Link

Get Help Enrolling on DC Health Link with ease using our online services

DCHL Services

Maryland Health Connection

Get consultations for quotes & subsidy eligibility on MD Health Connection

MD Health Services

Schedule your online enrollment with OHB today to save time & money Svc

MA Health Connector

Massachusetts Small Business Support

Employer Groups (1-50) are eligible to enroll on the MA Health Connector.

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Employer Groups can qualify to save 15% of annual employer contributions.  Ask our Brokers how & start saving today.

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